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Making our Mark

By On April 1, 2014

We like finding new ways to make our mark onto the hearts and minds of  our clients, collaborators and community. Upon recent reflection, we decided to do a little revamping for the… Read More

Unseen Heroes


By On April 1, 2014

As we are gearing up towards the first ever Peace, Love and Green event at Bay Meadows Park in San Mateo, we wanted to give you some insight into our creative process… Read More

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Toys, Tech, And What To Expect

By On March 23, 2014

The launch of DISPLAY: Emeryville is right around the corner, and instead of hearing everything directly from us, we decided to let our office robot tell you why you don’t want to… Read More



By On March 10, 2014

Celebrate a new way of living on the Peninsula! A walkable, rideable place with plenty of parks and a community that cares. Join us for our first PEACE, LOVE and GREEN day!… Read More


The Art of Biking

By On March 5, 2014

MAY | DISPLAY MAY 8 The Art Of Biking May is Bike Month and we are celebrating in style this year. Join us at the Public Market for a fun-filled day of… Read More


Festival Fashion Show

By On March 5, 2014

APRIL | DISPLAY APRIL 25 Festival Fashion Show The season of festivals is quickly approaching and we want to make sure you are prepared to enjoy all of them in style. Learn… Read More


Toys, Tech and Innovation

By On March 5, 2014

MARCH | DISPLAY MARCH 28 Toys, Tech and Innovation Who says you are too old for toys? Toys, Tech, and Innovation will show the connection of playfulness in us all while highlighting… Read More

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St Lucia (Early Adopters Series)

By On February 19, 2014

We spent some time with the band St. Lucia during their Sacramento stop on a tour of the states and overseas from their home in New York City. Before their show at Assembly… Read More

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Prom Night from Hell

By On February 12, 2014

All cliche’s about Prom aside, we know that there are some downright bad stories out there from some Prom experiences – from bad, to worse, to just plain traumatizing. We wanted to… Read More

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DJ Eddie Edul on the Prom

By On February 11, 2014

We recently caught up with our friend and featured Prom DJ Eddie Edul and asked him a couple quick questions regarding music and Prom. We can’t wait to hear what he’ll be… Read More

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Spiked Punch or Love Potion?

By On February 7, 2014

Prom can mean different experiences for different people, depending usually on whom you spend your time with. We decided that maybe we can help steer you down the right path towards a… Read More